RawKee has been compiled and tested for Maya 4.5 thru 7.0 on Windows and Maya 6.0 thru 7.0 on OSX and Linux. Source code is available through the SVN system of RawKee's SourceForge developers web site for those who would like to build RawKee themselves. As Autodesk has discontinued support for the Irix operating system, we have chosen not to investigate the process of building RawKee for Irix. However, we have no reason to believe that it should not be possible to build RawKee for Irix as long as you have the proper Maya plug-in development environment for Irix.

WARNING: There is NO WARRANTY offered or inferred with the use of this software.

Download Files - files are stored on

Versions of RawKee 1.0.2 and newer use th Bitrock InstallBuilder application to install RawKee on all three RawKee-supported operating systems. Bitrock makes InstallBuilder freely available to open sourc projects. Visit the Bitrock web site.

The installation files for RawKee 1.0.1 are self-executing JARs. This means that you only need to double-click the file in order to run the installation program. It also means that you need Java 1.4.2 JRE or higher on your computer in order to install these RawKee binaries.


  • Exports all three X3D file format encodings - XML, Classic, and Binary
  • Exports VRML97 file format
  • X3D Interaction Editor - author controlled event "Route" setup
  • X3D Character Editor - easy character rig and animation export to X3D HAnim
  • X3D Animation Editor - easy Translation, Scale, and Rotation animation export
  • Script Node Editor - implemented as a custom AETemplate for custom x3dScript node
         - Allows external script files to be designated.
         - Provides editing interface for internal script URLs.
         - Provides mechanisms for setting up custom X3D Script node fields
  • X3D Node List supported:
    HAnimHumanoid, HAnimJoint, HAnimSite, Transform, Group, Viewpoint, DirectionalLight, SpotLight, PointLight, Switch, Collision, LOD, ProximitySensor, TouchSensor, TimeSensor, PositionInterpolator, OrientationInterpolator, Script, NavigationInfo, WorldInfo, MetadataDouble, MetadataFloat, MetadataInteger, MetadataSet, MetadataString, IndexedFaceSet, Box, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Coordinate, TextureCoordinate, Normal, Color, ImageTexture, TextureTransform, MovieTexture, Appearance, Shape, Material, Anchor, Inline, ColorInterpolator, CoordinateInterpolator, NormalInterpolator, ScalarInterpolator, BooleanSequencer, IntegerSequencer, BooleanTrigger, BooleanToggle, IntegerTrigger, TimeTrigger, CylinderSensor, KeySensor, LoadSensor, PlaneSensor, SphereSensor, StringSensor, VisibilitySensor, PixelTexture, AudioClip, Sound, BooleanFilter, MultiTextureCoordinate, MultiTextureTransform, MultiTexture, and much more...



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